Give Your Child the Gift of
Therapeutic Support

Dr. Eva has created a safe, empathic, and non-judgmental space for children, adolescents and families confronting a range of issues such as emotional and social concerns, anger management, anxiety, depression, trauma, oppositional behavior, school refusal, OCD, and ADHD.  Her goal is to give children and adolescents the practical skills, strategies, and inner strength to more effectively cope with life’s challenges.

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Dr. Eva understands the impact that having a child with emotional and academic challenges can have on relationships, and she works closely with families to handle this experience. In her work with parents, she provides support on practical matters, such as creating predictable routines and systems, limit setting, handling difficult life experiences such as divorce, and developing effective parenting skills.



To best meet the unique needs of children and adolescent clients, Dr. Eva offers school consultation to assist families in collaborating with school staff and addressing children and adolescents’ social, emotional, and academic needs in the school environment.  She is available to attend district child study team meetings, as well as other school-based meetings to serve as an advocate for her client.  In order to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for her client, Dr. Eva works closely with psychiatrists, speech therapists, learning specialists and other supporting professionals.  

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