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Dr. Eva Lazar is a NJ and NY licensed clinical psychologist, as well as a certified educational supervisor, school psychologist and licensed K-12 principal.  Dr. Lazar graduated from Rutgers University with honors where she received a BA in Jewish Studies and Psychology.  She obtained her Master's Degree in Education with a specialization in Preschool Psychology, a Professional Diploma in School Psychology and a PhD in Psychology from Fordham University.  Dr. Lazar completed the accelerated school leadership program NJ EXCEL. Dr. Lazar has over 20 years of experience in the education and mental health fields, working in public, independent and Jewish Day Schools.

Upon completion of her doctoral internship at Manhattan Day School, Dr. Lazar served as school psychologist at The Moriah School, at the early childhood, elementary, and middle school levels, as well as the Gesher Yehuda Special Education program. Over the years her role evolved and she served as the Middle School Director of Student Support Services, in which she developed an academic support program to meet the specific learning needs of identified students.  Dr. Lazar served as Assistant Principal of Student Life and developed prevention programs and workshops for Moriah students, faculty, and parents.  Most recently, Dr. Lazar served as Program Coordinator at The Ethics Institute at Kent Place School, and created and facilitated ethics initiatives to constituents in primary and secondary school communities.

Currently, Dr. Eva Lazar is the Director of The Lazar Center in Teaneck, NJ.  She offers a variety of psychological and educational services, including cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, and social skills groups.  In order to provide a comprehensive treatment plan to children and adolescent clients, Dr. Lazar offers parent guidance sessions and works closely with school staff.  Dr. Lazar lectures nationally and conducts professional development and parent workshops.