Dr. Eva offers professional development workshops for public, independent and Jewish day schools.  Every educational community is unique, so getting to know the schools Dr. Eva works with is a top priority.  Once Dr. Eva consults with the school administration and understands the culture and climate of your school community, she will make recommendations and create a workshop that addresses your most pressing concerns, support what you already do well, and tackle the challenges your school community faces.  All professional development and parent workshops are customized to meet the specific needs of the school and the students.

Dr. Eva offers workshops geared towards faculty, administrators, advisory program coordinators, school psychologists, school social workers, coaches, board members and leadership teams. Additionally, she offers programs for parents that cultivate a collaborative home-school partnership.

Dr. Eva also creates fun and developmentally-sensitive programs for students. She leads assemblies and creates school-wide social emotional learning and leadership programs that fosters positive values and pro-social skills.

Dr. Eva’s school programs aim to connect all stakeholders involved in a child’s life and create a cohesive and supportive school community. 


Examples of Parent Workshop Topics

  • Defining Family Values
  • The Price of Popularity
  • Parenting in the Age of Social Media
  • Parenting and "Merit-Based" Love
  • Talking Politics With Your Children
  • Preparing our Youth for the Mental Health Challenges of the 21st Century

Examples of Professional Development Topics

  • Effective Communication with Parents
  • Relating to Gen Z
  • Character Traits of an “Ideal” Teacher
  • School Climate Renewal 
  • Modeling Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving Skills
  • “Girl-Bullying” – How Can Schools Prevent Relational Aggression?
  • Social Emotional Learning: Tools, Strategies, and Techniques
  • Developing Decision-Making Skills in 21st Century Learners 
  • Building a Values-Based Community in Your School