Fees and Cancellation Policy

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Dr. Lazar works as an out-of-network provider and will provide you with a receipt that can be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement.  Many clients find that services are covered through their out-of-network benefits. 

CPT codes to inquire about are: 90791 (intake), 90834 (individual), 90846 (without patient), 90847 (patient + family), and 90853 (group). Payment is due at the time of each visit.  Dr. Lazar accepts checks, cash, Zelle®, or major credit cards.

When initiating treatment, Dr. Lazar will reserve a special time for clients each week. Except for emergencies, Dr. Lazar requests 48 hours advanced notice to cancel or reschedule sessions or the client will be responsible for the full session fee.